Absentee Homeowner Services, Calgary

Our Customers LOVE to Brag about us...

"Thanks Kirk for the peace of mind"
"Thank you both for doing such a fine job with our home while we were away. Really appreciate it"
"We cannot thank you and Kirk enough for all of your assistance with the sewer back up. It allowed us to go on our holidays knowing our house was well taken care of. It was very kind of you to respond to our last minute request yesterday"
"Thank you so much for all the care and compassion you gave to our cat Kaly"
"It's great to have someone I can depend on to look in while I'm away, then I don't have to bother the neighbours"
"Thanks a lot for checking our house and watering all of the outdoor plants"
"Yes, everything was fine. Thanks so much for doing some watering. I think the flowers look better than when I went away!"
"Thanks for taking care of our house, and also retrieving our recycles"
"Thank you and thanks to Kirk - everything was just fine when we returned and it was really nice to be away and not worry about or house"
"As usual everything was in order when we returned home. We feel very confident the house is taken care of when we use your service"
"Thank you so much for your, as always, dependable and thorough service"
"Thanks Kirk, the hibiscus is blooming beautifully"
Thank you very much for all your help. When I got home everything was just as I had left it; except for one thing, my plants were doing very well"

"I've also sent a small thank you for being here when we really needed you, and for taking care of matters with the police. Please enjoy a dinner out on us"
In response to telling our customer they overpaid..."This was done on purpose as we were pleased with the service we received"
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